Combining Aquaponics and Hydroponics

In the interest of maximizing the vertical space in our urban farms we’ve been developing these panels that provide up to 325 plants per panel over a 4 sq-ft area for cannabis propagation along with a wide variety of traditional (lettuce) crops that go full term. The panels have been plumbed into our aquaponic fish water which is then misted every 10 minutes for 30 seconds to keep the root zone in ideal moist conditions. The advantages of this approach is that the plant growth rates are improved and they grow stronger since they have to bend at a slight angle to stay upright. In this recirculating system of water all the plants will share the nutrient rich fish water and water is saved since the only time water needs to be added into the system is when there is evaporation or for plant uptake. Another important aspect of these systems is that we can’t add any pesticides, fungicides or insecticides into the fish water that would harm the fish. Therefore as a consumer you can be certain of the organic qualities of the plants grown utilizing this method.

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