International Artificial Grow Light Association – IAGLA

HLG vs Impact Series Comparison PDF 

The International Artificial Grow Light Association of IAGLA has a two part mission that consists of advancing the understanding of artificial plant lighting and to help gardeners interpret the wide array of manufacturers performance claims relative to how those products will actually perform in their gardens.

We welcome manufacturers, of every technology, to contribute any information as to how their products have been designed to work as a way to optimize plant response.

We welcome gardeners who would ask questions and contribute their insights into how we as manufacturers might improve our products for their use. As lighting is a complex science and plant lighting even more so, we as manufacturers have a responsibility to try and bridge the gap between what the gardener thinks they know about plant lighting and what we can do to help them achieve an even better understanding of plant lighting.

Our goal is to further this understanding with ongoing discussions that include the science behind plant lighting, factual technical data for our products, and real world live stream trials which can be found on this website.  Please visit us on Facebook and post your comments and questions there.

Thanks for visiting us and Happy Gardening!

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