August 15, 2016

About Us

As more state and countries decide to legalize cannabis for both medical and recreational use it’s important to remind people that we also have a food crisis in our communities. This is a crisis that to some degree could be addressed by increasing and diversifying those crops that can be grown in an urban farm setting.

151 Farmers are organic farmers committed to providing ecologically sustainable cultivation practices for our local communities food and medical needs. We actively promote soil-less inner city gardening as a Farm to Fork principle in that we grow the food nearer to where it will be consumed.

Working with aquaponic gardens is a way to use a recirculating system of water between the fish and plants as a way to provide nutrients to the plants, This process is known as a nitrification cycle in that the fish waste is an ammonia which converts to a nitrite and than to a nitrate which is what the plants take up to keep these levels from steadily increasing and becoming toxic to the fish. When balanced properly it’s the the ultimate ecosystem and as a way of gardening it utilizes around 5% of the water that a traditional soils garden would require.

When comparing aquaponics to hydroponics systems there is no need to flush the reservoir every week from nutrient build ups. This is also a water savings and does not promote the increase of heavy metals which will disrupt downstream Eco-systems from those who would discard their reservoir nutrients into our aquifers.

If you are a food and cannabis farmer who practices organic sustainable cultivation practices we welcome you to post your gardens on our page as you are part of the solution.