Supporting the Medical Cannabis Mission Endorsement Brands

This section of 151 Farms is dedicated to highlighting those brands that have gone to market to show and educate others as to what their efforts have been to bring medical cannabis to the masses.  While some of these companies are for-profit enterprises they do not exist based primarily on a celebrity endorsement that relies on their celebrity image to generate sales.  There is actual substance to these brands.  There’s is a mission that we wish to share with the world.  If you find your company and website link on this page it’s because we believe in what you stand for.  We also believe that generations of cannabis consumers will, if given the opportunity, one day be curious what it is that stands behind your product.   In order to maintain your presence here we ask nothing in return except to keep up the great work.  It is to that end we exist.

Mike Robinson and Genevieves Dream Through his work at Global Cannibinoid Research Mike and his teams have been working feverishly on their plans for expansion which will allow them to do both research and clinical trials to further multiple areas of cannabinoid medicine study.  We ask that you please help support them in their mission by purchasing their products and requesting them at your local dispensary.