151 News, Laws and Regulations

Here is where we will post any relevant News, Laws or Regulations that we believe will have an effect on our mission as 151 Farmers and those customers who rely on our products and services.


23/02/08: Mendocino Cannabis Alliance Letter to Governor Newsom Requesting Emergency Licensing Intervention

23/02/07: Cotton’s CDOJ-Lee Letter

23/02/07: Cotton’s Redline Comments to the DCC Letter to CDOJ-Lee

23/01/27: DCC Letter to CA-AG Requesting a Legal Position on CA Authorizing the Interstate Sale of Cannabis

22/10/13: CA Assemblymember Christine Garcia Requests a Task Force for Cannabis Corruption

22/04/02 New Republic:  The Failed Social Equity Opportunities To Build Black Wealth in Licensed Cannabis

22/04/01 OC Register: licensed-cannabis-businesses-in-santa-ana-los-angeles-raided-over-unpaid-taxes

20/12/01 DAAC article by Yehudah Pryce: Criminalizing Victims and Trauma: LACD Attorney’s Office Ignores Victims of Crime Until it’s Time to Punish Them.

20/09/04 CA-City and County Regulations Watch (CCRW)Press Release:  CCRW Press Release to Boycott CCIA

20/12/02 CAL COAST NEWS: Marijuana Dispensary Stolen by Partners Lawsuit Claims

19/10/25 MJBIZ Part One of Three:  Who is HdL? How a Little Known Tax Auditing Firm Became the Kingmakers of the California Marijuana Industry

19/05/25 MJBIZ Part Two of Three: Who is HdL? Decades of Relationships give rise to HdL’s California Cannabis Stronghold

19/05/26 MJBIZ Part Three of Three: Who is HdL? Profit-maker or profiteer? Cannabis industry conflicted on HdL’s influence, impact 

19/05/27 VICE: Major Cannabis Companies are Cutting Hundred of Jobs as the Industry Struggles

19/10/23 PSN:  Faced with Mounting Lawsuits the City of Pasadena is Changing its Cannabis Permit Licensing Process

19/10/17 SAC BEE:  From the Editor; Your Roll in Uncovering Ukranian-owned Pot Shops and MLS News in Sacramento

19/10/17 SAC BEE:  Sacramento Cannabis Shop ‘Stolen’ by Rival While Owner Was in Prison, Lawsuit Alleges

19/10/18 SAC BEE:  California Cannabis King Linked to Ukranian Who Was Indicted with Rudy Giuliani Associates

19/10/14 MJBIZ:  FBI Probing Potential Public Corruption in Sacramento Marijuana Industry

19/10/09 CAP RADIO: Sacramento Wipes Out Enormous Penalties for Illegal Pot Grows After Judge Determines City Violated Property Owners Rights

19/09/24 PSN:  City of Pasadena Sees Cannabis Permit Battles Going to Court

19/07/23:  BILLS-116_S.2227 Senator Kamala Harris’s Bill to Decriminalize and Deschedule Cannabis

18/11/22 SKUNK MAGAZINE Darryl Cotton Interview

18/11/12: Tokin Women: Laura Costa Interview

18/10/01: https://voiceofsandiego.org/2018/10/01/lawsuit-reveals-how-silent-pot-investors-can-subvert-the-system/

18/08/10 SD UNION San Diego’s Cannabis Supply Chain is Falling Into Place

18/08/04 SD UNION:  Marijuana Business Leaders Demand Accelerated Efforts in Shutting Down Illegal Delivery Services

18/07/03 SD UNION; Anger and Frustration Mark the 6 Month Anniversary of Recreational Marijuana in California

18/07/02 KUSI NEWS: New Cannabis Regulations for Testing, Labeling and Packaging are Now in Effect

18/06/29 MJ BIZ DAILY; Local Corruption Becoming Hurdle for Marijuana License Seekers in California

18/06/07 NWA:  Company Seeking a State Marijuana License Offers Bribe to a Marijuana Board Member Who Refuses it and Reports them to the Attorney General

18/06/03 ORGANIC PREPPER: Water is the New Oil. In CA it’s Now Illegal to do Laundry and Shower on the Same Day

18/05/30 KYM KEMP: Humboldt County – Local Inspector is Charged with Taking Bribes from Marijuana Growers

18/05/23 KOB NEWS: Our Watersheds, Rivers and Lakes are Running at Historic Low Levels

18/05/19 FORBES:  US Supreme Court to Rule On If Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws are Constitutional – Do They Violate the 8th Amendment?

18/05/19 SD UNION:  San Diego City Council Votes Unanimously to Ban Cannabis Cultivation in New Urban Farms

18/05/11 LA TIMES:  Governor Brown Proposes Funding to Crack Down on Illicit Marijuana Market

18/05/08 SB SUN FBI Raids Adelanto Mayor and City Hall in Corruption Probe

18/05/03 CLEAR AIR:  Indoor Cannagis Farms. California Warns of Second Energy Crisis

18/05/02 US HEALTH: University of Iowa Conducts Research on the Effects of Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis

18/04/07 SD UNION:  San Diego’s Climate Action Plan Puts a Hurdle in the Marijuana Supply Chain

18/01/11 SF GATE; Local Dispensary Sues the City of SF Claiming their License was Denied in Favor of a Friend of the Mayors

18/01/10 DCN:  Canna-Lawyer Kimberly Simms Talks About Compliant Cannabis Licensing

17/06/16 SD UNION:  San Diego – Judge Voids Attorney Client Privilege in Cannabis Attorney Jessica McElfresh Criminal Case

18/01/29 FORBES:  California’s Recreational Cannabis-Laws Push Out Prop 215 Compassionate Care Programs

18/01/26 THE CALIFORNIAN:  With the Beginning of Recreational Marijuana Sales High Prices Spark Sticker Shock for Customers

18/01/04 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: As Vets Demand Cannabis for PTSD, Science Races to Unlock its Secrets

18/01/02 REALFARMACY:  Why Growing Food is the Single Most Powerful Thing You Can Do To Take on a Corrupt Political System

16/10/28 NBC NEWS:  Pot Foes Kevin Sabet and Medical Marijuana Activist Darryl Cotton Come Together to Oppose Prop 64

16/10/24 WEED NEWS:  Cannabis Foes and Medical Marijuana Activists Join Forces to Oppose Prop 64

16/10/20 NATURAL NEWS:  All Signs Point to a Corporate Takeover of Cannabis

16/10/14 FB:  Prominent Canna-Lawyer Brenda Linder Confirms Prop 64 Will Destroy Prop 215 Patients Rights

16/08/23 DRUG POLICY ALLIANCE;   Lynne Lyman of DPA on How the Passing of Prop 64 Will Protect Prop 215 Patents Rights (6:50) 

15/10/13 PBS: Canna-Lawyer Jessica McElfresh on New Laws for Medical Marijuana and How Medical Will Be Regulated Under Recreational Cannabis Laws

15/03/09 CANNABIS REPORTS:  Research Showing the Effects and Benefits of Full Spectrum Cannabis Extracts When Compared to CBD Alone

11/08/24 INFOWARS; Gatewood Galbraith (RIP) Discusses the Culture of Corruption that Surrounds Marijuana Laws and Regulation

09/11/11 MAPS:  Complete Timeline of MAPS Research on Medical Cannabis for the Treatment of US Veterans Afflicted with PTSD

94/10/10 NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF JUSTICE:  Using Civil Remedies for Criminal Behavior- Rationale, Case Studies and Constitutional Issues-FULL VERSION

94/10/10 NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF JUSTICE:  Using Civil Remedies for Criminal Behavior – Abridged Version

1969 FREE PRESS;  Removing Corruption in our Government and our Courts; The Scandal of 1969 and the Rise of John Paul Stevens


US Constitution – Bill of Rights

California Constitution

CA STATE BAR: An Attorneys Duty of Candor When Practicing Law Pervades Every Aspect of Their Life Both Inside and Outside the Courtroom

61/01/01  The Enforceability of Illegal Contracts

64/07/02 The Civil Rights Act of 1964

13/08/29: The Cole Memo as a federal position on DOJ response to state legal medical cannabis 

17/04/91 National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH): Report on Safe Practices for Harvesting and Processing Cannabis Plant Materials

16/12/01 FDA Botanical Drug Development Guidance for Industry

17/06/17 SD District Attorney Dumanis Files Criminal Charges Against Local Cannabis Attorney McElfresh and  MedWest

17/05/22 Dispensaries vs City of Huntington Beach et al alleging Civil Conspiracy-Fraud-42 USC 1983

17/03/01 Stanford Law School Public Policy and Lab – Implementing Prop 64 under Medical & Recreational Cannabis Policies

18/01/18 Florida Disbars Cannabis Attorney for Unethical Business Practices


20/06/06 BCC List of all Licensed Cannabis Owners and Locations in CA

20/06/24: Elias Testimony re Cannabis Antitrust Law Violations

21/06/28 Standing Akimbo v United States Writ of Certiorari Denial – Justice Thomas Statement


3) 1996-11-05 Prop 215 – Compassionate Use Act (CUA) of 1996 (11362.5 H&S)

3) 2003-10-12: SB-420 – Expands and Amends Prop 215

Section 1: “It is the intent of the Legislature. therefore, to… enhance the access of patients and caregivers to medical marijuana through collective, cooperative cultivation projects.”

The legislature, at 11362.77(e) delegates its authority to make rules and regulations as follows:  “The Attorney General may recommend modifications to…this section.  These recommendations, if any, SHALL [emphasis added]  be made to the Legislature no later than December 1, 2005, and may be made only after public comments and consultation with interested organizations, including, but not limited to, patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, law enforcement and local government.  Any recommended modification SHALL [emphasis added] be consistent with the intent of this article and SHALL be based on currently available science.”

Three years past the legislators mandatory deadline, in August 2008, Brown, acting as AG for the State of CA finally publishes Guidelines-2008, including Section IV(b)1 of SB 420 which forbids for-profit commerce in cannabis. “See e.g., Sections 11362.765(a) nothing in this section shall authorize…any individual or group to cultivate or distribute marijuana for profit.” Brown is quoting the language in SB 420 that he is subverting in Guidelines-2008. (See Guidelines-2008 below)

3) 2005 League of CA Cities Legal Analysis of State v Federal Cannabis Laws

3) 2007-February & June_BOE Special Notice re Taxation of Medical Marijuana

2007-February BOE Special Notice as found in Guidelines-2008 Section 1 Para D: Taxability of Medical Marijuana Transactions, as well as it’s requirement that businesses engaging in such transactions hold a sellers permit.  (hhtp://www.boe.ca.gov/news/pdf/medseller2007.pdf)  According to the Notice, having a Seller’s Permit does not allow individuals to make unlawful sales, but instead merely provides a way to remit any sales and use taxes due.  (We await these documents as we have yet to see it or the original document that this is in confirmation of.)

2007-June BOE Special Notice further clarified its policy that addressed several frequently asked questions regarding medical marijuana transactions.  (http://www.boe.ca.gov/news/pdf/173.pdf)


3) 09-10-19: The OGDEN MEMO

3) 11-06-29: Cole Memo re Ogden Memo

3) 11-06-30: DOJ-United States Attorney Paul J. Fishman Response to New Jersey AG Paula T. Dow, Sought Clarification of the DOJ’s Position on Medical Cannabis 

3) 13-08-29: The COLE MEMO

3) 14-02-14: The COLE MEMO re Regarding Marijuana Related Financial Crimes

3) 15-07-22: Gavin Newsom’s Steering Committee Blue Ribbon Cannabis Regulations Report

3) 15/10/09 : AB-243 (WOOD)

3) 15/10/09: AB-266 (BONTA)

3) 15/10/11: SB-643 AB-243(V1) and AB-266(V1) are combined and enacted as the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (“MMRSA”)

3) 15/11/20: 7×7 Article on Bonta and Cannabis Regulation

3) USC-2011 Title 21 Chapter 13 Subchapter Part F Section 903

3) 16/06/27: SB 837 Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MCRSA)

3) 16/07/22:_City of San Diego Memorandum from the City Attorney’s Office re AUMA and City Cannabis Licensing

3) 16/08/29: AB 2385 Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act Measure D (The Midnight Ride) See Steve D’Angelo, Don Duncan and Willy Brown we’re, under AB 2385 exempted from SB 837 during the “stretch limo” ride.  They are already the largest cannabis monopolies in the state and they get Willy Brown to get out of bed and protect just Steve and Don an attorney and head of ASA.  Newsom was in the room in SAC.  See LA Times photo and article.

3) 2016 Voters Guide Cover

3) Prop 64 Section of the 2016 Voters Guide

3) 2016 CA Voters Initiative Guide

3,1) 16/11/08; Prop 64 – The Adult Use of Marijuana Act as Submitted

3.2) 16/11/08: Prop 64 – Comprehensive Version

3) 16/04/05: Nebraska AG Douglas Peterson Testimony at the Senate Drug Caucus Hearing on StateMarijuana Legalization

3) AUMA-Environmental Protections

3) 17/10/06: AB 1159 Signed by Gov Jerry Brown

3) AB 1159 Image

3) 17/02/22: City of San Diego Cannabis Ordinance 0-20793 re City Cannabis Licensing under AUMA

3) 17/06/27: SB-94 – Medical and Adult Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) Combines MCRSA and AUMA

3) 18/01/01: CA Revenue and Taxation Code Section 34011 re Taxing of Medical Cannabis

3) 18/01/04: Sessions Memo Rescinding COLE The Session memo undoes everything set forth in the Ogden and Cole Memo’s.


3) 2019-August: Article re the Medical Cannabis Scheme

3) 22-09-12: The SHIP ACT

3.1) SafeandSmartPolicy.org I’m amazed this site is still up.

3.1) SECTION 11: No Positive Conflict Exists Image

3.1) Section 26001(2)(dd) Unreasonably Impracticable Image

3.1) Defining “No Positive Conflict” and “Unreasonably Impracticable”


3.1) Prop 64 Financial Sponsors Flowchart

3.1) 18/09/06 SB-829 Cannabis; Donations

3.1) 18/12/07 BCC Adopted and Amended Codes Final Statement of Reasons from Proposed Modifications of 10-19-18

3.1) 18/12/20 Harborside v IRS Commissioner – Memorandum of Points and Authorities

3.1) 18/11/29 Harborside v IRS Commissioner

3.1) 18/10/19 BCC 15 Day Notice of Proposed Modifications to AUMA.

3.1) 18/10/18 BCC Proposed Text of Regulations

3.1) 18/10/19 CDPH Proposed Text of Cannabis Manufacturing Regulations

3.1) 18/10/19 CDFA Proposed Text of Cannabis Cultivation Regulations

3.1) 18/05/01 Adopted BCC Emergency Regulations

3.1) 18/07/01 Code of Regulations for Medicinal and Adult Use Cannabis

3.1) 18/07/01 CA Bureau of Cannabis Control Proposed Text of Regulations

3.1) 18/07/01 Proposed Cannabis Regulations Package

3.1) 18/07/01 How to Get Involved in the Cannabis Regulatory Process

3.1) 17/11/01 Bureau of Cannabis – Disciplinary Guidelines

3.1) 17/11/01 CA Cal Cannabis Cultivation Licensing Executive Summary

3.1) 17/02/22 City of SD Council Ordinance no 20794 Regulating Licensed Cannabis Under AUMA

3.1) CA- An Introduction to California’s Seed to Sale Tracking System

3.1) WA- LCB- BOTEC Analysis Reports Complete

3.1) WA- LCB Bulletin No_16-03 – Official Policy on Cannabis Sampling

3.1) WA-LCB Bulletin No 15-02- Official Policy on Providing Cannabis Products by Financially Direct or Indirect Means

3.1) AUMA Section 34018 Special Fund Provision

3.1) HR 3884 The MORE ACT – Congressional Report

3.1) Immunity of Federal and State Judges from Civil Suit- Making a Case for Qualified Immunity 

3.1) 2020 CEQA Guidelines

3.1) Typical Cannabis Greenhouse Water Consumption Table

3.2) 20/12/08: HR 3797 for Medical Cannabis Research

3.2) 20/07/27: Amendment to Division B of Rules Committee Striking Medical and Advancing Adult Use

3.2) 21/04/29: House Members Letter to the House Appropriations Committee

3.2) 21/04/29: NORML Advancing Adult-Use

3.2) 21/08/05: NORML Advancing Adult-Use

3.2) 21/12/16: Representative Blumenhauer Year End Cannabis Memo

3.2) 22/03/15: H.R. 2471 Section 531 Page 102

3.2) H.R. 2471 Section 531 Image

3.2) Where’s the Money?


4.1) Energy Consumption of Indoor Commercial Cannabis Production by Dr. Evan Mills

4.2) Environmental Risks and Opportunities in Cannabis Cultivation by Dr. Michael O’Hare,  Dr. Peter Alstone and Dr. Daniel L. Sanchez

4.3) 10/15/2020: Research Paper: Water Storage and Irrigation Practices for Cannabis

4.4A) Prop 64: Water Codes Law and Regulation

4.4B) Prop 64: Water Codes and Regulation Cover png


5.1)  Economies of Scale in the Production of Cannabis by Dr. Angela Hawken

5.2)  Identifying and Minimizing Burdensome Regulations on Cannabis Industry Firms by Ms. Jill Lamoureux, MBA and  Mr. Luigi Zamarra, CPA

5.3) Cannabis Markets Projected to Reach $23.4 billion and Employ Nearly 500K Americans by 2022 by BDS Analytics

5.4)  Economic Modelling for Marijuana Businesses by Mr. Luigi Zamarra, CPA

5.5) A Guide to Political Cronyism and Government Created Wealth


6.1)  The Failed Promise of Legal Pot by The Atlantic

6.2)  New Study Highlights the Social Impacts of Cannabis Legalization in California by Forbes

6.3) MinorityCannabis.org

6.4) The Racist History of Banking

6.5) Rick Simpson; A Sensible Guide to Cannabis Regulation

6.6) Cannabis Lives Matter

6.7) A Daughters Plea.  What Our Nursing and Convalescent Homes Should Be.


7.1.1) USDA Interim Ruling on Hemp Licensing

7.1.2) 2018 Farm Bill

7.1.3) Editors Guide to Hemp Provisions in the 2018 Farm Bill

7.2) CA Dept of Public Health (CDPH) Food and Drug Branch (FDB) FAQ on Industrial Hemp and Cannabidiol (CBD) in Food Products

7.3) What is CBG and What Does This Cannabinoid Do?


8.1) SAM: Smart Approaches to Marijuana – Preventing Another Big Tobacco

8.2A.1) 1961; United Nations Single Convention on Narcotics  Signatory Countries to this Treaty may only use Cannabis for Medical and Scientific Purposes – Article 49-2(f)

8.2A.2) 01/24/19: World Health Organization Recommended Changes to Cannabis Classification

8.2A.3) 12/02/20 UN-CND:  Explanation of vote on changes in the scope of control of cannabis and cannabis related substances

8.2.3) 01/03/20:  Proposed Changes to the Single Convention on Narcotics

8.2.4) 12/02/20: United States Position on the Reclassification of Cannabis under the Single Convention on Narcotics

8.2.5) 02/24/21: International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) Guidelines on Medical Cannabis

8.3) 2012; NYC BAR: Committee Analyzes and Reports on International Drug Treaties Current Conditions and Impacts

8.4) 2016: Friends of Prop 64 – Attorneys Who Publicly Endorse the Passing of Prop 64 to Protect Prop 215 Medical Cannabis Patients Rights

8.5) The Devil is Always in the Details

8.6.1) Learn More About Prop 64 and the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) Here @ KnowMoreon64.org

8.6.2) Take the Attorneys Corner Survey @ KnowMoreon64.org

8.6.3) The Medical Cannabis Patient Advisor

8.6.4) 12/20/20 Darryl Cotton Bio and Mission Statement

8.6.5) Dalbercia Inc Company Info

8.6.6) US Patent No 6,630,507; Dept of Health and Human Services Patents Cannabis for it’s Anti-Oxidant and Neuroprotectant Values

8.6.7) Moringa Tree of Life


05/29/21: 151 Farms List of Candidates with links