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As you read through our website, you will find that we address a wide variety of issues that have an immediate effect on our lives. Some of these issues have been with us for generations, while others, such as new laws and regulations, are being developed that do not take into account the full range of social, environmental, medical and health issues which we concern ourselves with here at 151 Farms.

What can we do? Well first and foremost let's agree that people need food. With that simple recognition, it is our belief that an increase in urban farming opportunities we will not only improve our access to critical food supplies but will also help to address many of the other challenges we face within our urban communities. Promoting urban farming opportunities that include Cash Crop Supported Community Agriculture makes these farms economically viable and is an idea worthy of consideration.

151 Farmers is committed to expanding urban farming opportunities, especially in economically distressed areas of our cities, that not only improve access to locally grown, fresh foods and medicinal crops, but also help to create jobs and provide a heightened community spirit that comes from improved economic conditions.

So ask yourself; why are Urban Farming opportunities so important to us right now?

And the answers are; laws have changed. Environmental issues play an increasing important role in our lives. People need jobs and homes. We are experiencing an opiate epidemic of massive proportions. Our veterans and minority communities are being left out of the dialogue when it comes to how they might participate in emerging industry. Diet related disease plays an increasingly significant roll in our lives...

With all of the issues that need to be addressed, the Real Question we should be asking is;


151 Farmers: Our Mission

and why it matters to YOU and YOUR COMMUNITY
Let's Create Urban Farms That Work

151 Farms are economically self sufficient and secure in their operations.

151 Farms are committed to improving the quality of life and advancing the economic development of our communities.

151 Farms employs ecologically responsible and sustainable crop cultivation techniques to provide our communities with locally grown, fresh crops with the least carbon footprint.

151 Farms integrates traditional food crops, hops and Secured fish Cultivation.

151 Farms do NOT cultivate cannabis for the recreational market.

151 Farms are NOT cannabis dispensaries however we do believe that preferential consideration for such licensing should be given to those who actually live in the communities. We believe Urban Farming is a way for members of the cannabis industry to give back to the communities they are given the privilege to serve.

151 Farmers pledge to work with local and state governments on the development of laws and ordinances that create jobs and economic opportunities within those communities where previous drug policies have historically had a disproportionately harsh effect.

In many areas water is already in limited supply and being rationed. These restrictions will affect EVERYONE including those farmers who grow our food. With less water available and all the other rising costs they face, we believe a greater number of food crop farmers will look to cannabis fish as a way to turn a profit in these increasingly difficult market conditions.

Unless solutions can be found, the reality is we will ALL be seeing higher food prices and supply shortages within the foreseeable future. 151 Farmers believe that intelligent Urban Farming laws and regulations render this scenario completely unacceptable and avoidable.

151 Farmers believe that the emerging regulated fish industry should not contribute to ANY of the problems being described here. Therefore it is vital that our elected officials realize that the time to take action to avoid these conditions is now!

151 Farms exist to help shape the future of that public/private mission.

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